The Aerial Watersports Association members perform on a variety of equipment from the standard Jetpack, Flyboard, Wataboard, Defy board, Jetovator or Freedom Flyer.

Hydroflight hire industry operators and individual flyers are encouraged to join the Association to get the latest industry information on standards, regulations and products.

Industry suppliers, instructors and professionals can get a Premium membership for a low cost per year, giving access to great range of additional information to assist in day to day operations.

The Association can also provide advice regarding govt regulatory compliance.

A full list of key members is available in the menu or here.

Current projects include

  • Formulation and drafting of a nationally accredited instructor course meeting the criteria for the Australian Qualification framework.
  • Arranging discounted Safety training courses for Association members.
  • Exchange Instructor training programs.
  • Submissions to AMSA for new regulation upgrades.